Parkway: Leadership and Nursing Home Directors

Topics: Leadership, Employment, Management Pages: 7 (2407 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Question 1
What do the data on employee injuries, incidents, absences, and turnover suggest to you? Is there reason for concern about the company’s direction? The data gives a clear view in the form of statistic about the problem face by Parkway Nursing Care on employee injuries, incidents, absences and turnover rate and the certified absences per staff. Figure show fluctuation on each category and mostly increased in year by year. The numbers of patients increase since year 2000 until 2009. As the number of patients increases in each year, medical staff could be overlooked the patients therefore the rate of incidents per patient increase. As in the incidents per patient increase, the injuries per staff member also go up. The incremental the number of injuries per staff member led to the increase of the certified absences per staff. Other, the absences per staff uncertified increase too. The company direction is to make sure keeps a good position and must continue expanding rapidly. There have reason to concern about the company’s direction based on the increasing of the figure on injuries per staff member, incident per patients and absences staff. It will incur higher cost and more staff being stress. However the company should be emphasis about their staff and patient. The company should take care the righteousness of their staff to avoid them from being stress which may cause the rate of absences staff increase. Furthermore, the company also should employ the skilled staff to avoid from injuries among the staff to occur. As concern of the patients, despite the increasing number of patient and the demanding patients the company should maintain their quality standard of performance service even the staff facing a workload become heavy.

Question 2
The company is going to be making some significant changes based on the AI process, and most change efforts are associated with resistance. What are the most common forms of resistance, and which would you expect to see at Parkway? ‘Resistance to change’ can be defined as an emotional or behavioural response to real or imagined threats to an established work routine. The three factors leads to toresistance are recipient characteristic, change agent characteristic and change agent-recipient relationship. The three key conceive resistance have dynamic interaction between these three sources as opposed to being caused solely by irrational and stubborn recipients of change. For instance, recipient resistance is partly based on their perceptions of change, which are very much influenced by the attitudes and behaviours exhibited by change agents and the level of trust between change agents and recipients. The most common forms of resistance are related to the recipient characteristic in their past success. The past success can breed complacency to the employees, but it also can foster stubbornness to change because they come to believe that what worked in the past will work in the future. Regarding to case given, the conflict between the younger caregivers and older caregivers is about the method of keeping the patients document. The younger caregivers would like to have an electronically methods, because they type faster than they can write. While the older caregivers are more committed to the paper-based process, in part they think switching systems would require lots of work and they had been using the writing method for many years. These shows that the older caregivers are resist and not totally ready for the changes the method to keep the patients document.

Another obstacle for amendment that can be seen at Parkway Nursing Care is the company failed to legitimize change (change agent characteristic). This problem arises when there are staffs that do not satisfied with the Human Recourse management. They said that there a lot of new caregivers do not pick on how to take care the patients. There is a recommendation underscores the need for change agents to communicate with...

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