Parkson Promotion Mix

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Parkson’s Promotional mix
Promotional mix that used by Parkson included sales promotion, public relation and personal selling. Public Relation
Public Relation also one of their promotional mix that Parkson applied in their business strategy.Parkson is a company that very concern on charitable contributions to society. Therefore, Parkson conducts a lot of Corporate Social Responsibility Programme such as “My Park” Programme. In this programme, Parkson had adopted many parks throughout Malaysia. This programme’s purpose is to promote healthy lifestyle among Malaysian and provide a good environment for young children to learn about their natural surroundings. This kind of Social Responsibility Programme had given Parkson chance to build up good image among people and customers, this is one of their public relation skills to the public, so that people can recognize and support them in future.Besides, Parkson is going green by encouraging their customers cut down the usage of plastic bags, every Saturday is “No Plastic Bag Day “for Parkson, thus customers have to bring their own shopping bags to Parkson. This can be considered as one kind of public relation that builds relationship with social community by conducting their business in a greener and environmental friendly way. Therefore, the customers will feel that Parkson is a trustworthy retailer in market because they have taken their social responsibility and ethic seriously. Personal Selling

Parkson store has employed many promoters to conduct personal selling in every department store. Every promoter had given basic training about products’ information and communication skills to serve customers effectively. Those promoters in Parkson are giving samples to customers and persuade the customers through presentation about the products individually. Example, Nike store’s promoter explain the features about the new launch sport shoes to customers and tell the advantages and benefits of wearing it. In...
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