Parks And Recreation Analysis

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Parks and Recreation in Lethbridge
The wide range of green space and parks in Lethbridge make it a desirable place to call home. With four distinct seasons, these spaces can be enjoyed year-round. Lethbridge is also close to the Canadian Rockies as well as a wide selection of lakes and other recreational hotspots.
Indian Battle Park
Indian Battle Park is a 5 km park located in the Oldman River valley. The park is home to a wide range of trails, several picnic areas as well as the Fort Whoop-Up Interpretative Centre. The Interpretative Centre includes a replica fort and offers seasonal activities for all ages. The park is also home to key historical attractions such as the Medicine Stone.
Pavan Park
Pavan Park is a 125 hectare park that offers 10 km of paved and shale trails that are perfect for running,...

The river provides fishing and boating opportunities and there is a picnic shelter located in the park. Popson Park is also the only off-leash dog park on the west side of Lethbridge.
Henderson Lake Park
Henderson Lake is one of Lethbridge’s premier parks and features a 24-hectare man-made lake which is perfect for kayaking, canoeing and sports fishing. Henderson Lake is also home to some of the city’s annual community celebrations including Lethbridge’s Canada Day Festivities and the Rotary Dragon Boat Festival.
If you are a nature enthusiast, Henderson Lake offers a 2.5 km trail around the lake and a longer 4.3 km loop around the perimeter of the park with various stops to view the local wildlife and many historical markers.
Henderson Lake is a great place for families and children as the park contains three distinct playgrounds and many great locations to enjoy a leisurely picnic. There are numerous open spaces in and around the lake that make it a perfect place to lay down a blanket or enjoy a game of...
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