Topics: Scientific method, Government, Singapore Pages: 3 (672 words) Published: May 3, 2015
In this article, Thomas made a few observations about how valuable parks and green spaces are to cities and their inhabitants. He argued that parks and green spaces brings joy and people together. I agree with this fact as parks are perfect places for people to socialize. He also argued that nowadays parks are preserved. I disagree with this. In a rapidly urbanized world, parks have lost its value.

In paragraph 3, Thomas mentioned that parks are soothing to the stressed soul. In a knowledge-based economy such as Singapore whereby everyone is chosen and given opportunities based on merit, it is inevitable for stress or depression to set in. In our rat race for success, we tend to be carried away by our commitments. In Singapore, due to the high level of competitiveness, even students as young as ten are experiencing stress and depression. According to a recent survey, 67 percent of the working population are feeling stressed. This is where parks and green spaces come into play. It has been scientifically proven that green areas can naturally soothe one’s mind. The calm surroundings and serene locations indeed reduces the amount of stress that we Singaporeans are feeling. Even the government felt the need for more green spaces to make Singapore greener and to provide peaceful places for Singaporeans. Some examples of how the government has strived towards this goal would be Bedok and MacRitchie Reservoirs. These green spaces are especially advantageous to Singaporeans as a majority of the population is affected by large amounts of stress and the green parks help in relieving the burden. Hence, it is indeed true to say that green parks are a great remedy for a stressed society such as Singapore. In paragraph 4, Thomas mentioned that trees provide a vital counterbalance to the perceived debilitating impact cities have on the environment. I agree to this observation.  Trees and plants naturally filter the air as well as water of pollutants, thus effectively...
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