Parkinson Interview Analysis

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Complete a close analysis of a TV studio produced show or segment that includes a studio-based interview. Identify and discuss the format and production elements used to execute a studio-based interview. 1 Michael Parkinson made his debut as a talk show host with his own Parkinson show in 1971. After being on air for 25 years Parkinson came to an end as Michael Parkinson retired. Parkinson falls under a factual programming/ light entrainment TV genre. Generally, Parkinson uses a simple format which does not contain too many segments. The show is broken into 3 segments, which are 3 different interviews. Each interview segment is approximately 13 minutes long. Occasionally there may be a musician on the show and therefore there is a segment where they or their group perform. All the interviews take place inside the studio. 2 Each interview segment begins with a brief introduction about the guest. This introduction generally talks about what the guest has done in the past and specifies why they are on the show. The introduction to the interviews are around 20 seconds long. Michael Parkinson always does his introductions into camera three. There are not many links in this episode of Parkinson. Parkinson introduces the segments himself and also brings them to a close. The band in the background also help to introduce the interview segments. Applauds from the audience and other guests help to end the interview segments. 3 The set design is very minimal and neutral. This allows the interview to be the main focus at all times. The colour theme is purple. There is nothing being displayed in the background therefore allowing for no distractions. The lighting on both the guests and Parkinson is very good. The key, fill and back lighting is set up perfectly so there are no unwanted shadows. The lighting is the same on all the guests. 4 In this interview with Meg Ryan there is nothing to support the interview. However in other Parkinson shows photographs and...
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