Parkinson Disease

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Parkinson Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. The most well-known sign of Parkinson disease is the tremor in just one hand. Family can notice that you have Parkinson disease when there’s little expression in your face and you don’t swing your arms when you walk. Speech often becomes soft and mumbling. Parkinson disease symptoms tend to worsen as the disease progresses. There are many different medicines that treat this disease, but sometimes doctor may tell you to apply surgery. The symptoms may vary from person to person. Symptoms usually begin on one side of the body and remain worse in that side of the body. Some of the symptoms are: Tremor: the shaking usually starts on the hand.

Slowed motion: Parkinson’s disease may reduce your ability to start initiate voluntary movement. For example, when you walk your step might become short. Rigid muscles: Stiffness can occur in any part of your body and sometimes it can be really bad that it can affect the range of movement you have in that part of your body. Impaired posture and balance: posture may become stooped, and balance problems can occur. Loss of automatic movement: Blinking, smiling and swinging of the arms are all involuntary acts that are a normal part of the human being. With the Parkinson disease these act are reduce and sometimes even lost. Speech changes: people with Parkinson disease may speak softly, rapidly or in a monotone. Sometimes repeating words, or hesitating before answering. Dementia: when the disease has progress a while people tend to deal with memory and mental clarity problems. Your physical, mental, and social state are affected by this disease. Your physical state is affected because this disease deteriorates your physical state little by little. Your mental state is affected because your brain is not functioning as it supposed to be, and socially it affects you because you are incapable of doing many activities that...

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