Parkinson's Disease Research Paper

Topics: Parkinson's disease, Basal ganglia, Dopamine Pages: 7 (2614 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Parkinson’s Disease
A week ago, Ashley had met her boyfriend, Jayden’s, mom, Cathy, for the first time. They went to breakfast and then went shopping. While they were shopping, Ashley learned something very personal about Jayden’s mom, she had Parkinson’s disease. Cathy was pushing the shopping cart and Jayden and Ashley were walking behind her and the next thing Ashley knew, Cathy had stopped and told Jayden to push the cart for a while. Cathy just stood there, hands shaking, and then she clenched her hands, like she was cold.

At first, Ashley did not know what was going on or what she should do, or if she should do anything at all. Ashley has heard about Parkinson’s disease before, but she has never actually known somebody who had Parkinson’s disease. Now knowing that Jayden’s mom has Parkinson’s disease, it scared Ashley because she recently watched a true movie on this girl who got the Parkinson’s disease and there was no cure for it. She had to live with the disease forever, and the disease gets worse over time. One shakes uncontrollably, stutter, and if it gets worse, one might not be able to walk and has to live with it, until death. Most people that have Parkinson’s disease end up with a loved one physically taking care of them for a long time, until they cannot take it anymore or until the person dies.

Ashley did not hear about people having Parkinson’s was common, so she never believed for it to be common. But her views were changing by what she saw when she first met Jayden’s mom. No one on her mom’s side of the family or her dad’s side ever had Parkinson’s and now that she knew that Jayden’s mom has it, it worried her much. Thinking Jayden could get it and if he does, if they have kids, the kids have a chance to get it, too. At first she thought there was a cure for Parkinson’s but now knows that there is no cure for Parkinson’s, and that scares her the most. Having to deal and cope with having Parkinson’s disease or dealing with someone who has Parkinson’s disease is not an easy task or life to have to live. Parkinson’s disease is a disease that could take over one’s life and the life of loved ones. One shakes, has tremors uncontrollably and one has to live with it forever. This is very important to Ashley, because no matter what, her boyfriend’s mom will always be in her life, and Jayden needs his mom. To see how having Parkinson’s disease can affect the person and their loved ones makes oneself want the opportunity to learn about the disease’s causes, ways to prevent it, and cures. Idiopathic Parkinson’s is first because idiopathic is the primary kind of Parkinson’s. Idiopathic Parkinson's disease is a multisystem of the human nervous system with results and a treatment that extends far from the system. In the article, “On the Origin of Tremor in Parkinson’s Disease”, Andrey Dovzhenok and Leonid L. Rubchinsky explains, “The existing data converge on the basal ganglia- thalamo- cortical loop as a tremor generator and consider a conductive- based model of subthalamo- pallidal circuits embedded into a simplified representation of the basal ganglia- thalamo- cortical circuit to investigate the dynamics of this loop”. Tremor is one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The origin of the tremor in Parkinson’s disease remains unknown. According to the article, “On the Origin of Tremor in Parkinson’s Disease”, Andrey Dovzhenok and Leonid L. Rubchinsky helps people to understand how, “Variation of the strength of dopamine- modulated connections in the basal ganglia- thalamo- cortical loop leads to occurrence of tremor- like burst firing”. While learning the origin of a disease, it helps one to understand how to prevent the worsening of Parkinson’s disease. There are many ways to be preventive and prevent Idiopathic Parkinson’s. To try to prevent Parkinson’s disease, one would have to know a little about its history. In the article, “Nutraceuticals and Their Preventive or Potential Therapeutic Value In...

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