Parking Issues

Topics: Parking, Parking space, Parking lot Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Guillermo Chacon
Annie Liu
English 60
Parking Issues
On an early morning, I woke up with a tired feeling; I had been studying all night in order to pass my final test of sociology because it would decide my grades between a C and a D. When I saw the morning was shinier than usual, I looked at the time and I noticed I had been late to class because my class started at 7 and I had been an almost half hour late to class. It was one of the busiest days of the semester because it was finals week. When I arrived at Fullerton College, the parking spaces were filled. I struggled for ten minutes to find one until I caught one and finally I did my test. However I didn’t have time to have clear thoughts and my test resulted in devastating my day. There has been a growth of student population in campuses which, most likely results more students with cars than there are parking spaces. There is a variety of ways one can approach to parking than just thinking you can arrive without any problems. In the article “Overcoming the Community College Parking Crunch” by Matt Jobin, the author notes “Even the most strategic and balanced parking plan won’t succeed if students don’t know what resources are available and how to access them.” which means that students should know what is available to them and how they can take advantage of it. Some students don’t know what to expect when it comes to parking and my advices would serve as a guide to what you can take benefit. There are advices you could use in order to avoid stressful situations that make your day unpleasant. In order to reduce stress and ensure you get to class on time, be prepared for several obstacles. Time management when parking is essential because it decides if you might struggle and worry about arriving late to class. The time of the day that is heavily active with parking spots taken is during 10a.m to 12a.m. If you have class during those hours it is better to arrive at most an hour earlier to find...
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