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Topics: Marketing, Parker Pen Company, Fountain pen Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: January 21, 2012
Parker Pen: An Adventure in Globalization pg. 547
1.-This is the history of the failure of an international marketing strategy.  Which were the reasons?  Analyze the 4 P’s. (Price, Product, Place, Promotion) Being one of the largest pen industries in the world, Parker Pen was a failure for having international marketing strategy. This is due to the fact that Parker wanted its products to fall under the concept of standardization. He called this the “Janesville strategy”. Under promotion, Parker Pen wanted his pens to follow the mission of “one look, one voice”, meaning all Parker products would be sold and re-produced the same way in all countries the company would make partnership with overseas. As a result, all packaging and advertising would mirror the original Parker Pens in all participating countries. The problems which would arise from this is that standardization may not cater to different countries, who may have an interest for specific supply of pens. For example, locations such as France and Italy are fond of expensive fountain pens. Consequently, promotion strategies would lead to the decisions with regards to the distribution of products. Parker wanted all his pens to focus on a common positioning, which meant that the same types of pens would be allocated to its specified locations. The problem here is that the target markets values and interests are different across different markets, and cannot be dealt with similarly. Parker failed to realize that that you cannot use the same tactics on all individuals because each individual is unique in their own way. On the same note, this reduces the level of customization and personal preference. This also reduces customer consideration and individuals do not feel there is a sense of providing customer satisfaction. For the product, Parker pens lose its value in the pen industry for providing individuals with the writing instruments they need and have a value in. The Janesville strategy was a failure...
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