Paris I Love You

Topics: Love, Human, Debut albums Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: April 11, 2013
I thought the movie Paris, Je t’aime (Paris, I love you) was very well put together with the different scenes about love. Love is such a broad topic which made the movie more interesting to see before I watched it. I liked how the movie never lost my attention and in each scene I would try to analyze what could be love story behind it. Love can be the smallest act of kindness which could be a bigger deal for someone else. Love can just be helping someone because it is in your nature. Love can make you rekindle feelings you thought once was lost. You could love something that is not good for you. Love could be blind but you still realize how blessed you be to have someone in your life. Love can be between anyone and anything. Love can be painful and heartbreaking. Love can make you reminisce on the wonderful times you had together. You could just love yourself, and who you are as person, or your surroundings.

Personally, I enjoyed each scene because it was not all the same but it showed different sides to love that we may all have experienced or know someone who has. The movie showed how love does not have to be just two human beings loving each other but so can vampires or mimes. Some parts in the film was sad like when the mother lost her son and she was hallucinating about seeing him and how she did not want to let him go. Also I liked the end of that scene when her husband asked her where did she get her strength from and she said God. I thought that that ending was so powerful, when you have just hit rock bottom and nothing can be done about it, God will be there to comfort and lift you back up. Another scene I enjoyed was with the muslin girl named Zarka and the boy who was studying history, how it was love at first sight. While his other friends were talking sexually to other females, this boy just had eyes for Zarka, even though she was different in ethnic, religion or where she can from did not change his love for her. I really liked when he ran after...
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