Parents Should Monitor Their Child's Facebook Pages Debate

Topics: Facebook, Bullying, Child pornography Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: September 2, 2013
For the benefit of both parent and child, it is imperative for parents to monitor their children under the age of 16’s Facebook. My first speaker extrapolated on how social mediums such as Facebook can create a false sense of identity, leaving the child vulnerable and pressured. Facebook is no doubt a large aspect of teenagers lives, and it is becoming challenging for adolescents to create a personal sense of self not only in reality, but online and as a result they may dress up their Facebook profile in an attempt to impress people. Teenagers have such a large amount of exposure to the world which can often make them vulnerable, and as though they feel they have to live up to certain expectations. Teenagers have a lot of pressure on them online too, just like in the real world and if parents were there to monitor their activity, they can provide a more mature opinion with their children’s best interests in mind. By parents monitoring their children’s Facebook use, it will limit the amount of undesirable exposure and negative influences brought onto their children. The problem is that the self-identity for those under 16 is shaped by Facebook which serves its own best interests rather than those of children. Parents are responsible for their child’s wellbeing. Self-esteem is your children’s general evaluation of their competence and worth as a person based on what they know of themselves, but now with this fast paced, technological world, children seem to only value themselves as others see them online, which is why they feel the need to create a profile that often makes them seem a lot ‘cooler’ than they actually are. Children are being exposed to negative influences on Facebook, and if parents do not monitor them they are negligent of their responsibility to care for their child. She also mentioned that by creating guidelines and monitoring their Facebook use, parents are fulfilling their obligations as carers, it also creates open communication and trusting...
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