Parents Should Be Responsible for Childrens Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood obesity Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: September 1, 2011
Parental Responsibility and Childhood Obesity
Submitted by: Cheryl C. Stevenson
University Composition and Communication
August 5, 2011

Parents are ultimately responsible for childhood obesity.
Parents that ignore the countless warnings signs about the dangers surrounding childhood obesity are neglectful and this act should be considered a criminally, prosecutable offense. This type of neglect should be considered to be child abuse. Although a parent may not be physically abusing their child, they are allowing the . Our children are our lives. The well-being of our children should come first in our lives. This means that we should provide a healthy lifestyle for our children. I want to suggest that child obesity becomes a child protection concern when parents behave in a way that actively promotes treatment failure in a child who is at serious risk from obesity. It has been proven that parents with obese children should be separated. This allows the parent’s time to reevaluate their child’s health issues. In having the time to reevaluate your child’s health issues; the parents may be more likely to make some immediate changes. I plan to prove that ultimately it is the fault of the parents; the idea that since a meal has been fixed for them they must eat it is still very much alive. A child will not starve his or herself just because he or she does not want to eat when you want them to. There is also the factor of sugar in the diet. Children are exposed to more sweets than fruits and vegetables. The biggest thing is that children spend more time eating fast foods than a well-balanced meal. I want to make the parents see that this is their responsibility. Maybe putting the pressure on parents now will be the first step in emphasizing prevention in our health care system. If parents can’t lead by example, then children are only going to take on their parents unhealthy habits. I want parents to admit that their children have a problem and take the...
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