Parents Disown Debt-Ridden Daughter

Topics: Debt, Loan, Family Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: March 1, 2009
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After an excruciating minimum-wage work day at the rambunctious factory, arriving home to the luscious aroma of the fresh out of the oven red velvet cake would be paradise, right? Well... NEWS FLASH! Even if you had a moment to devour that savory cake, the agony does not end there. With five children to take care of, you scarcely have time to take care of yourself. If only you lived one day in pure ecstasy, then the idea of your oldest daughter taking ecstasy would fleetingly ebb like the sea. But you see her drowning in the sea of debt and you can not ignore that horrifying image. Immediately, pure ecstasy vanishes into dust. You discover yourself trapped in a gloomy, forlorn room. “Parents disown debt-ridden daughter”, an article written by Johor Baru from Malaysia, depicts the story of Ooi Seong Chin and Yeoh Sew Chin disowning their 19-year-old daughter, Meei Shuang, for relying on them to pay off her debts. Meei Shuang only intended to attract more attention from her parents, but received more than she ever bargained for. Halfway around the world in third-world countries, families incur a prodigious amount of pressure when it comes to financial predicaments. Especially with several children, parents just do not have enough care, support, time, and love for each and every one of their kids. Jealousy emerges from those who do not receive as much attention as the others. One child usually ends up committing illegitimate crimes in order to attract attention. He or she would start taking drugs, smoking, involving in gangs, gambling, and borrowing money from bad people. Demanding repayment, the bad people do whatever they can to get their money back. Finally, the parents discover that their child owes a great deal of debt to the bad people. Unfortunately, it is too late because their child already fled the country. Distraught and clueless, the parents do not know how to cope with the unexpected situation. Depending on their last resort,...
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