Parents Affect on Their Childrens Sporting Lives

Topics: Father, Parent, Danny Almonte Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: April 24, 2002
Parents have a great affect on their children. Parents like their kids to be involved in many different activities to make the child a well rounded person. Sports is a main activity that parents get their children involved in. Sports develops character, as well as discipline, self respect, etc… Sometimes parents don't realize that even though the sport itself teaches the child, they are the most visible teacher to the child. Parents are often the ones who get out of control at sporting events. When the children see this behavior, they now must question. Is this acceptable? Then a child may think it is and engage in violent or destructive behavior themselves.

This past summer a scandal erupted during the Little League World Series. A young man, Danny Almonte, was ineligible to play. The rules state that you cannot be older than 12 by August 1st. He is 14. The child was obviously more developed than his teammates. His talent exceeded that of any player in the tournament. He was throwing 70 mile an hour fastballs. That's the equivalent of a 90 mph fastball at the major league distance. Many people took place in this scandal, not just his father. The Rolando Paulino Little League insisted that he was 12. They said he was born April 7, 1989, in Moca, Dominican Republic. Lynn 2

When in fact he was 14 and born on the same day, but in 1987. When the league found the official documents about his true age, the team was stripped of their 3rd place status, the coach was banned, and the father is facing criminal charges for falsifying documents. "I'm disappointed that adults would fudge the boy's age," President Bush said. ( 2)

When do parents realize they have gone to far? Some don't. This is a major problem. Many incidents happen where parents, or coaches get way too involved in what is supposed to be a fun filled environment for the children. An incident that...
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