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Page 203 – Question 1

Donna and Randy lives have took a big turn without any warning signs. Their lives including the boys just went into 360 turn. Normally being the age they are, this is time where they should be vacationing and enjoy themselves, not raising kids all over again. Its like they are back at stage one when they should be done with raising kids they did there job already, they should be relaxing, enjoying the rest of their lives.

Question 2
If I was the sister to Miranda, my reaction to her packing up and leaving to another state and leaving children behind, I would be disappointed and very upset. I would want to find her and what to know her reasons for doing such a thing. As for my parents having to assume the role of both the parents and grandparents, I would be upset because I know its unfair, but relieved because I know the kids are in very good hands. As far as the relationship with my parents I would be much closer to them and proud because they putting their lives on hold again to make sure their grandchildren are safe and in a good environment.

My relationship with my nephews would be stronger, I would help my parents raise them. I would try to guide them as well.  

Page 204- Question 2

Becoming a parent all over again especially in an older age can have different factors. It can something positive with memories & excitement, it can also be exhausting and depressing, but it all depends on the people involved and how they handle the situation. But seeing how they were handling the situation looked very positive and to me looks like outcome was going down the right path, I think a lot of great things all around for everyone was going to challenging but will be great.

Page 206- Question 2

If the boys were in their teenage years compared to when they were just 5 and 7 there could be alot of difference one can be they can be rebellious because they feel their grandparents aren't there parents and should not be...
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