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Parenting Styles

By kkfrobinson Dec 08, 2012 841 Words
Kaitlin Robinson
Psychology 201
Chapter 10
Authoritative Parenting

There are three types of parenting styles according to Diana Baumrind. Authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting all entail different expressions of warmth, strategies for discipline, and expectations for maturity from parents to children. Growing up I lived in a household where authoritative parenting was given to my two younger sisters and I.

Authoritative is one of the main parenting styles. It is an approach from parents who set limits but listen to the child and are flexible. Authoritative parents listen and care about what their children have to say. Their opinions are important to them. This particular parenting style teaches kids to grow up independently but also place limits on children. However when children are disciplined there are punished in a fair and consistent manner. Although these types of parents place limitations on their children there are still warm and nurturing to each of their children in their own way.

The authoritative parenting style is sought to be the best approach to parenting. Children who are raised by authoritative parents tend to be more happy and successful throughout their lives. They generally gain good social skills and have stable control of their emotions. Authoritative parents raise their children to grow up with confidence and to learn new skills.

Parents with an authoritative style of parenting set an example as to how they expect their children to act and are good role models for them. When kids see their actions and expectations they tend to learn from them and exhibit the same life style and actions as their parents. Rules and discipline given by their parents guide the children on the parent’s expectations of the children.

My mom had a very nonchalant way of parenting my two sisters and I but she always had high expectations from us individually. She always cared about what our opinions were and what we thought about her decisions when it came to punishments and why we felt that way. She taught us how to do a lot of things on our own like making different kinds of food and how to dress ourselves and how to make constructive decisions about life. This is why we are all so independent in the things we do and the choices we make in our lives now. We grew up in a family where if we had a problem we could always discuss them. Manners were also a must in our family and we were always dressed appropriately for any occasion just like our mother. Now that we are grown up to some extent we know what is expected and appropriate to her standards. My mother consistently gave us direction and guidance’s in rational and objective ways.

Attachment, helicopter, and instinctive parenting are three other parenting styles found in our current generation. Parenting styles now come with titles instead of just being lenient or strict.

Instinctive parenting is described as the old fashioned way of parenting. It is a style by parents who generally raise their kids how they were brought up when they were younger. Parents are more likely to teach and bring up their kids with what they know based on how they have already been brought up by their own parents. They could also have acquired parenting skills from a sibling or a caregiver they had when they were younger and not necessarily by just their parents.

Helicopter parenting is when parents are constantly hovering over their child’s shoulder with everything they do. They often interfere with their children’s life more often then other parents might. It is considered fairly normal to be concerned and ensure the safety and security of children it may also have a negative out come. That being the child might grow up to be too dependent on their parent always requesting money and time. Children under this parenting style may also surpass their college years and go right into their professional careers.

The attachment style of parenting generates a close emotional bond. These parents respond immediately to their child’s needs and are sensible and emotional towards their children at all times. It is believed that the strong attachment between parents and their children allow the child to grow up secure, empathetic and peaceful. Family’s who endure in the attachment style of parenting tend to favor natural childbirth, a family bed, homeschooling, avoidance of corporal punishment and maybe a part of the anti-vaccination movement.

My up bringing was similar to my mother being raised in an authoritative household. The way I was raised definitely influenced the person I have become today. Parents decide on their style of parenting based on a lot of factors and their styles evolve over time as their children grow up. Their style of parenting is generally influenced on how the parents themselves were brought up.

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