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Parenting Skills 6

By likemike1313 Aug 04, 2015 434 Words
Review Questions
1. What is a family? What is family composition?
2. What is cultural bias? What is an example of this?
3. What are stereotypes? How are they different from prejudice? 4. What is the difference between a nuclear family and an extended family? Critical Thinking Questions
1. How can families assimilate to a new culture?
2. What are some of the problems with stereotypes or cultural bias when looking at families? 3. Adversity affects today’s family, just as Black Death affected families from earlier times. What kinds of adverse challenges do today’s families face and how can they manage the situations? 4. Why are families diverse in composition? How are family lifestyles of today different than the past? Review Answer

1. A family is a group of people who are tied together by co-residence, blood, or affection. A family composition is the makeup of a family, including the members of the family, their relationships to each other, and their ages. 2. A cultural bias is the judgement of practices by the standards of one’s culture. An example of this is we may look at a cultural practice different from ours and consider it wrong because it is not the same way our culture may handle things. 3. Stereotypes are assumed beliefs about a group of people. Prejudice is different from stereotypes because stereotypes are generally based on characteristics of some members of a group, while prejudice are assumptions made of the entire group. 4. The difference between a nuclear family and an extended family is that a nuclear family, also known as a traditional family, has two parents and the children, while the extended family may have multiple generations living under one roof. Critical Thinking Answers

1. Families assimilate to a new culture by letting them in, because they might not want a new culture to interfere with their traditions, but they might eventually let some cultures in. 2. Some problems with stereotypes and cultural bias are that when you look at minorities sometimes they may have to deal with negative comments or actions in various aspects of their daily lives. 3. Adverse challenges that families may face today are health, financial, and emotional adversities. The simplest way to deal with these adversities is to try to talk about it and find a way to fix it. 4. Family lifestyles are different from the past because the whole world is changing, 300 years ago parents would have eight kids and have them work on the farm. Nowadays all kids go to school and put forth to do more in the world.

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