Parenting skills 5:09

Topics: Infant, Psychology, Infancy Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Amber Johnson
1. How can parents avoid temper tantrums?
Parents can avoid temper tantrums by having a plan before you get into a certain situation. Parents have to have the A B Cs in their head and plan for the situation. 2. What are the A, B, Cs?
The A, B Cs stand for attribute, behavior, and consequences. It’s a guideline to help parents react to temper tantrums. 3. Do you think using consequences and following the ABC process will help shape a child’s behavior? Why or why not? Yes I think the ABC process will help because it’s a guidance tool for parents for their children and it will plan for the situations ahead of the parent.

1. What are some of the reasons why people may not talk to babies as much today as they used to? Some reason why people might not talk to babies as much as they used to because Families are really busy now and it’s hard for parents to have that one on one time with the children. Also because our world is very diverse so the children can get really confused. 2. Why do you think developing language skills is important for a child? I think language skills are important for the child is because it will help the children understand better in their academics. Also because children need to understand the importance of language to help them get through their life. 3. What are some of the ways that parents can encourage the development of language skills? Ways parents can help is by talking to their baby, guiding them when they say the word a wrong way, and help the baby with their pronunciation. Parents have to know their role as the parent when it’s necessary. 1. How many parents never read to their children at bedtime according to the study? What might prevent parents from reading to children? According to the study, 1 in 10 parents don’t read to their children during bedtime. Reason for this is because they don’t have enough time to read to them. 2. What are some of the benefits of reading to children? Include infancy...
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