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Topics: Adoption, Parent, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: May 29, 2015
Review Questions
1. What are the differences between being a biological parent, an adoptive parent, and a foster parent?
A biological parent is someone who produces a child and raises them. An adoptive parent is someone who is willing to take the role of a biological parent and care for the child as if it was there own. A foster parent is someone who cares for a child until someone adopts them, they go back to there parents or relative , the foster parent adopts them, or they grown up.

2. What financial needs are parents obligated to provide and which are optional?
The financial needs that parents are obligated to provide fort here kids are nutritious food, shelter, clothing, and health care. The optional obligations are toys and electronics, piano lessons, summer travel, and more.

3. What other needs might a child have that a parent is expected to provide?
Other needs are Safety and security, emotional needs and educational needs.

4. What are the qualities of a nurturing parent?
Nurturing parents try to emphasize with there children and look for effective ways to support them. Critical Thinking Questions
1. What qualities make a person a good parent? A bad parent?
The quantities that make a person a good parent is love, patience, and caring for his or her child. What makes a person a bad parent is not caring for his or her child and not giving them what they need on a daily basis.

2. Which parental responsibilities do you think would be the most challenging? Why?
I think that the responsibility that would be most challenging is financial needs. This is because now its not only you but also another human being that you must spend money on.

3. Which parental responsibilities do you think would be the most interesting to you? Why?
The most interesting responsibility to me would be safety and security. This is because protecting a child might be the most amazing thing in the world.

4. What are some things that people can do...
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