Parenting: Family and Little Girl

Topics: Family, Parent, Mother Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: November 1, 2013
All about Parenting by Amy Mills
Our house was off any main roads, we lived in the country, and our house was surrounded by nothing but trees. The only neighbors we had was about two blocks away, and they were all older people also. My grandparents lived on top of the hill from us. As a child there were no kids to play with as I was an only child. I and my mother pull up our very long driveway that looks like the trees are going to eat the car. The house gets closer and closer and my fear grows by the second. How I wished that the driveway was longer that day. Then my mother’s old blue ford with the blue velvet seats pulls to a stop outside our house. She tells me “Go to your room so I can talk to your father”. Those dreaded words no child ever wanted to hear growing up. So I walk down the hallway to my room, knowing how much trouble I truly am in. Then I hear them talking in a low dull whisper trying very hard to hear what is being said, but at the same time not wanting to hear. Then just a few moments later my father yells “Amy get in here now”. Oh the fear and panic is so out of control I can barely talk. My farther asks me what was I thinking and at that moment my brain just wanted to stop working completely, I had no idea what to say or do. Well that just made him madder and told me to go outside and find a switch. As I walk out the door to the edge of the woods, I was thinking why had I done what I did what was I thinking. So I get to the woods and start looking around, I see all sorts of trees and branches and dried up leaves. Finally after just walking around wasting time, I start looking for the smallest switch I can find, thinking it would hurt less. However as much as I don’t want to have to find a switch in the first place I find one and take it back into the house. Then I start crying hoping that it will make it better. However the switch isn’t good enough so intern my mom storms out the house into the woods to find one. This...
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