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1. What are the different parenting styles used by families? Which do you think is better? Why? -There are three basic parenting styles: the authoritarian style, permissive style, and the democratic style. Out of all three parenting styles, I have to say the one I think is best is the democratic style, why? Well for starters, I feel as if the authoritarian style is just a tad bit too “strict” as they say, it isn’t fair to not let your children have a say in something, the permissive style is just too laid back, you need to keep the kids in check and make sure they’re on track, you cannot let them do whatever they feel is best for them, you are the parent, you need to lay the rules and tell them who is in charge. Last but not least, democratic style is the parenting style I will be using with my family, I will let everyone voice their opinion and have a say in something, they deserve to have a say in family meetings, etc.; that doesn’t mean I will not set ground rules and discipline them when it is needed. Every person has their own way they want to use parenting styles for their family.

2. What makes a person ready for parenthood? When should an individual consider entering parenthood? Who should postpone parenthood? Should everyone become a parent eventually? Do you think some people should not become parents altogether. -When a person is ready for parenthood they just know it, the way I see it is, you are ready for parenthood when you are in a good stable point in your life whether it’d be by yourself, or with your partner. If you know you are ready to start a family and you have it all set, then go for it. An individual should consider parenthood like I said, when they’re ready for that big change in their life. If an individual doesn’t have their life ready for a baby they should postpone before they go and consider bringing a newborn in an unstable environment. Not everyone wants to have a baby or become a parent, so no if they don’t want that...
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