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Parent Hood
Single mothers can raise children as well as two parents and men cannot be trusted to be a faithful father ( Bzestek, Sharon, just have that caring and parenting instinct. Mothers can know what their children need unlike fathers who are more likely to procrastinate and don’t take care of their children’s well beings. Like my mother, she was a single parent for a long time. She raised us by herself financially and physically. As with my father, I don’t even have a relationship with him. He left when I was young and not even taking care of me financially. Women are just naturally connected and bonded with their children. They have that natural instinct of parenting and physically taking care of their children. The roles of fathering and mothering are way different now from back then. Both parents had a duty to take care of with their children. Men take care of things outside the family, while women take care of things inside the family (Chen, Wei– Wen, That was just the typical family taking care of responsibility. Now days it is common that that the women are doing both roles for her children or her family. The father has usually abandoned the family or is unemployed. For rich homes it could be the opposite and the man is doing his financial part for the family. Mothers taking responsibility inside the family was a common duty or role amongst the people. It was said by Chen and Wei– Wen that “It’s better for women with children not to work outside the home if they dont have to financially”. This comment will be a decision mostly for the rich and wealthy. Now with unemployment rates going up for regular paying jobs, it is likely for both parents to be working. Parent responsibility means showing love and efficient, financial care and giving your children the best path for success. Mothers are responsible for parenting their children regardless of gender (Hoffman, Charles, There could be a...
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