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Years ago little girls played jump rope to a song that went like this: First comes love, then comes marriage then comes Araceli with a baby carriage. The name of the little girl jumping rope was named in the final line of the rhyme , so it was understood that after love and marriage comes the consequence of love and marriage ....a baby.

The anticipation of giving birth is overwhelming. The nine months of waiting, planning and dreaming become a reality the day the baby is born. As if the morning sickness associated with the pregnancy in the first trimester wasn't painful enough, the actual delivering is pain you never imagined you put in endure. My personal experience with my first pregnancy was different from the last three. I was 18years old and didn't realize I was pregnant until I miss my second period. I was actually losing weight not gaining and I didn't feel no morning sickness I was criticized other women who complaint during the pregnancy I thought to myself that they were exaggerated because my experience was totally different than theirs. I was in labor for 24 hours and I thought that it never end. I transition from wife to mother in 24 hours and I become a parent. My parenting skills were basically non existence I learned by trial and error. I did my best using come and sense and natural instincts in the everyday care of my baby. I learned that my experiences in parenting my son were unique to me and never felt negative in wherever doing. I may have had doubts but I never had negative thought what I was doing for how I was doing it. After five shorts months I found myself pregnant again. My husband did not participate in parenting our first born and preparing for our second child my second pregnancy was different from the first in the I felt and experienced the normal discomforts that a woman experiences during my first trimester now I have two babies and again my husband left the nurturing and parenting to me. I enjoyed taking care of my sons and although a lot of work I cherish those memories. Every day I found myself learning new things about myself and about my children. I remember thinking that I was being a very good parent to my sons and I was doing everything possible to make their little lives comfortable and secure. I remember baby them together and watching them splashing water and enjoying their time in the water there is no grater feeling than knowing that your children are healthy and happy and that I am a part of the reason about the way they feel. I remember their first tooth and the first time they tried to walk on their own. I remember the little smiles as they turned to me as if to say look mom "I' m doing it". During this time my husband was not participating in the nurturing and parenting of our sons he felt his job was just to provide for his family he would come home, eat his dinner and go ut with his friends many time my children were crying as he walked out the door this anger and hurt me because there were his children too. I remember comforting and consoling them by telling them that daddy will be right back. how could he ignore his sons cries for attention is beyond me. Beeing a parent means that you are un call twenty four/ seven. There are no days off and the days are long and sometimes the nights are long also. I remember beeing up all nights with my children when they had fevers, measles, chicken pox and other childhood diseases this is all part of being a parent and I tried to do my best when parenting my sons my conflicts with my husband were mainly because I would ask him be more involved with parenting our sons. His answer was always the same he would say that it was my job to take care of the house and the children. His role was to provide a roof over our heads and put food on the table. I would stress that his sons needed his affection and his physical presence in their lives but he refused. This let me feeling frustrated and angry that he could be...
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