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Most of my life I was raised in a two parent home. My father was not always there because of work but when he was he always made time for me and my two older brothers. Most of my friends were being raised by single parents are never really spoke of their fathers much. I never knew how they felt because even when my parents divorced I still never knew what it felt like to only have one parent in my life. How I feel is you made this child and basically abandoning your child is showing how much you really do not have a care in the world for your child. Sometimes it is necessary but if your life is completely fine and you just feel that you don’t need to be there for your kid then that’s, not assuming a responsibility you’ve created. Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child. One reason why both parents should have equal responsibility of raising a child is because it can create an emotional rift between one of the parents and the child. According to Scott in the article “Co-Parenting”, a successful divorce is one in which the parents’ divorce each other but do not require the child to divorce one of the parents, either as a result of parental conflict or by one parent not being available to the child (Scott).Not all parents are meant to be married things happen and they grow apart. But that should never change their relationship with their children. ”Thus it is a well-established fact that a child experiencing the dissolution of the family structure will do better if the parents are able to get along and reduce trauma in an already traumatic experience. Co-Parenting can be a viable option when it is implemented by parents who want it to work because they understand that the child’s needs supersede their own self-interest and it can be successful and rewarding for both the child and the parents.” (Scott) As children grow they take everything from their parents. “Your parents’ duty is...

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