Parental Involvement Is Very Important In A Child

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, The Child Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 14, 2015
Parental involvement is very important in a child’s growing years. Many people have argued whether parents should or should not go out to work when their children are still young. While I believe that everything has its pros and cons , in my opinion I feel that in this case ,the disadvantages have clearly outnumbered the advantages. I believe that only one parent should go out to work when their child is still young. So as to ensure the proper upbringing of their child to give additional help to the child. If both parents give up working outside it means that there will be a huge loss of income. Firstly, if parents do not work they may not be financially prepared for their children’s education in the future. Parents hold the responsibility of financially supporting their Childs education. When the child is born the parents are already given the job to support the child. A recent article on the newspaper claims that both parents that have quitted their job to look after their child, encountered financial difficulties supporting their child. Secondly ,although they may dedicate themselves to their child ,they may have problems joining back the workforce. Working as a full time parent typically means that you lose out in communication time which you spend talking to your co-workers. When a parent has stopped working for a certain amount of time ,they may come across difficulties when they try to adapt back to their working lives. A recent survey has shown that 8 out of 10 people which had stopped working for a long period of time encountered many difficulties adapting back to their work some of them even had a depression after joining back the workforce. Thirdly, children can be more independent. It is parents who are taking the lead in the teaching of their children their children must not rely too much on their parent. To me a parent is somebody that teaches their children basic survival skills. It is very important to discipline a child before they grow older....
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