parental Involvement in black boys

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How Parental Involvement effects the academic achievement of African American boys?

According to Osie Wood (2012), “The nation’s young African American males are currently in a state of crisis (pg. 6). Concurrently, over the last four decades perhaps, the most persistent debate in education has been on how to close the achievement gap between White students on the one hand and Black and Hispanic students on the other (Green, 2001; Simpson, 1981). This achievement gap exists in virtually every measure of educational progress, including standardized tests, GPA, the dropout rate, the extent to which students are left back a grade, and so forth (Green, 2001). Given that parental involvement has been demonstrated to help the general population of students, some researchers believe that parental participation in education is one possible way of bridging the achievement gap (Jeynes, 2003b; Slavin & Madden, 2001). Parental involvement in schools is a national priority for both educators and researchers to promote the successful schooling of contemporary youth. Problem Statement and Problem Significance

Research studies demonstrate that African American children are more likely to fall behind academically than children in other minority groups (Brooks, 2009; Huang & Mason, 2008; Wu & Qi,2006).A preponderance of studies operationally define parental I nvolvement as specific acts of engagement, such as helping children with their homework, volunteering in schools, or attending parent teacher conferences (Jeynes, 2010). These measurements are often based on generalized conceptions that do not account for culturally distinct parenting techniques (see El Nokali, Bachman, & Votruba-Drazl, 2010; Izzo, Weissberg, Kasprow, & Fendrich, 1999). For instance, Black parents may deliberately employ unique behaviors that seek to promote their children’s academic outcomes (Neblett, Chavous, Nguyen, & Sellers, 2009)....

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