Parental Involvement

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Brief background of the case
Most of Ming Ming Kindergarten's parents are from Mainland China. They usually adopt the parenting style of authoritarian or neglecting. They will punish their children to discipline them. Some of them give up disciplining them because they do not know how to or they do not have time to do so. Ming Ming Kindergarten does not have any parent-teacher association. Parents have low participation in school. Teachers will only meet the parents twice a year to talk about the performances of their children.

The benefits of parental involvement in early childhood education It is important to promote parental involvement in early childhood education. Parental involvement is critical to the educational success of children. If the kindergarten could acknowledge the relevance of children's family, cultures and promote parental involvement, the school can develop a supportive environment for learning through meaningful activities that engage and empower families (Rhodes, Enz, & LaCount, 2006). Parental involvement could benefit to the three parties that I will illustrate below. First of all, parental involvement benefits the children. If the kindergarten and the families could work together, children could have a better chance to success. It is not only in the school life, but throughout their lives (Henderson, & Berla, 1996). Parental involvement benefits the three parties – children, parents and school. I will illustrate them below. Parental involvement benefits the children's learning. As the children understand that their parents will have communication with the teachers, they will work harder to be a good student. Therefore it helps the children to achieve higher grades or scores and class attendances. Children are willing to finish their homework on time and they will do the homework nicely. On the other hand, parental involvement benefits children's behaviour and self-esteem. Children will have more positive attitudes and behaviour. They will feel better with themselves and will be more discipline in school and at home. Children will have a positive feeling towards the school. If the parents and the school can communicate well and exchange children's issues successfully, children will be benefited by this. Because the parents and the school would exchange information, such as children's needs and latest issues that could help the children. Besides that, parental involvement benefits the parents too. Parents have interaction and exchange information and views with the school, they could understand the development and the needs of their children. On the other hand, they could exchange parenting skills and other information with other parents during the school activities. Therefore they could have a positive effects on learning parenting skills and styles to discipline their children. Parents could be more aware of their children's learning through the intensive communication with the children. They could help their children to have better learning activities at home. Therefore they have better self-esteem to teach their children. Parents could have better understanding about the school and better relationship with the school. Therefore the parents could have better support if they ask the teachers for assistances. Lastly, parental involvement benefits the school. Teachers could have better communication and relationship with the teachers. It improves teachers' morale and higher rating of teachers by parents. Teachers would feel valued and they will have a positive thinking to teach. Therefore children's learning will be enhanced. Besides that, school could take kind of assistances and support to the parental involvement programs by the parents. These could affect the quality of the parental involvement programs. As I mentioned before, children will be more confident and have higher self-esteem. They will achieve...
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