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Chapter III
This chapter comprises the research design, setting, participants, research instruments, procedure, and measure.

Research Design
The research method used in this study is descriptive survey method. This method describes and interprets what it is. It is also concerned with the practices that prevails, belief, point of view or attributes that are held, process that are going on the effect that is being felt, or trend that the researchers are developing. One purpose of descriptive method is to ensure evidence concerning existing situations or current conditions. This study is aimed to determine the parents involvement in the reading ability of the grade I pupils of Junction Elementary School.

Respondents of the Study
The researchers used the Non- Probability Sampling specifically the Complete Enumeration in choosing the respondents. Junction Elementary School, District IV of Kidapawan City Division has less enrolees with a total of 25 Grade I parents in the school year 2013-2014 are chosen to be the respondent of this study.

Research Locale
Junction Elementary School is the farthest school in the western portion of Kidapawan City District IV.It is a complete elementary school in barangay Junction of Kidapawan City. It is about 12 kilometers from Kidapawan City reach through a barangay road where jeepneys,tricycle,and cargo trucks pass through a rough road to reach the school. The school was founded in 1952. The two hectare school site was donated by the pioneering Daquio and Bacat family. The name Junction came into the tongue of the Manobo aborigine during the visit of the American soldiers in the area pursuing the Japanese Imperial soldiers.When the American soldiers reach the Junction of Malaang River and Saging River they call the place Juncion until its registration in the local government. The school has five buildings with 6 functional classrooms,one room for the lead teacher’s office,one combined science and mini library room and one EPP buildings which is to be repaired.The School has an area of more or less one hectare to be planted with rubber seedlings. There are six classroom teachers and one Head Teacher, all of them serving for education of the barangay children. Teachers from Grade IV to VI are teaching their specialized subjects as departmentalization is practicing for the benefit of the teachers and the pupils. The PTCA is well organized with the officers elected every 2 years depending upon the consensus of the body. Any project in the school is fully supported by the financial contributions. Two school teachers are funded through Local School Board fund and their appointment are being renewed yearly until avail of the national item. Junction Elementary School mission is committed to provide quality and relevant Education to Elementary School pupils so that they will become productive,globally competitive and values-oriented citizens.

Junction Elementary School envisions to have highly competitive,values oriented pupils,nurtured by the competent,committed teachers utilizing through strong partnership with stakeholders.

Research Instrument
The research instrument used in the data gathering was survey questionaire. The content of the questionaire indicate the factors such as socio- demographic profile of parents, parents involvement and the reading ability of pupils.

The questionaire is composed of four parts. The first part ask about the socio-demographic profile of parents such as educational attainment, occupation, marital status and monthly income. The second part uses the checklist format and the respondents are asked to check the different types of parents involvement such as parenting, communicating, volunteering and learning at home. The third part is also in the form of a checklist in which the different reading ability of the Grade I pupils will be determined through letter name knowledge, phonemic awareness, letter sound knowledge,...
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