Parent Interview

Topics: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: August 6, 2011
Parent Interview

The parent interviewed is middle aged mother of two, which both are in their late twenties. She informed me that prior to having children she thought that she would never experience the joy of motherhood. Mrs. Digat married young at seventeen years of age and longed to have a family of her own. Unfortunately, pregnancy did not come easily. She saw countless doctors and underwent numerous procedures in effort to become a mother. There was nothing she wanted more out of life that to have her own little bundle of joy. Many years came and went without a baby that she so desired; Mother’s Day was especially difficult to endure. Then, unexpectedly after thirteen years of trying she became pregnant. This was the beginning of a beautiful experience that she had always intensely coveted. Mrs. Digat recalls her pregnancy as “the most beautiful period” of her life. She embraced all aspects surrounding the prenatal period with joy. Since those close to Mrs. Digat witnessed her struggle to become expectant, they also were elated and pampered her throughout the entire pregnancy. She gave birth to a daughter who consequently was loved and spoiled by everyone around her. Shortly after having her daughter she became pregnant and had a boy. In her eyes having a child and all that it entailed was her realization of self; giving birth and becoming a mother were powerful forces in forming her identity as a woman. Mrs. Digat raised her children assuring that they were both physically and emotionally healthy. She made sure that their meals were nourishing and protected her children from life’s tribulations as best as she could. When her husband, the father of her children, began using drugs she left him because she refused to have her children observe his disease. This decision did not come easy because she felt guilty that she was abandoning him during a time when he needed support, but her children came first and she did not want them to be...
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