Parent Child Observation

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Psychoanalysis Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Child: Male/ about 4yrs old
Parent: Female/ about 30 yrs old


My family and I were at Joe’s Crab Shack in Round Rock and we were eating outside next to the playground. A family of 3 (Mother and 2 sons) were sitting about three tables away when all of a sudden I heard an outburst of crying and screaming. As I watched and paid closer attention to their conversation, I noticed that the child was crying because his mother would not let him play in the sand-filled playground until he had finished eating his food which he had not yet touched. The child would beg his mother and said “please mommy, I wanna go!” and she would say “No! You have to eat!” When his attempts at asking “nicely” failed he then started screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs. His mother shushed him and told him that he would be able to play if he would be quiet and if he promised that he would eat his food when he finished at the playground. Of course the child immediately stopped his crocodile tears and shook his head yes to acknowledge his promise to his mother. Immediately I thought to myself “well there’s some bribing for ya” as the child went on his merry way to the playground with his older brother, about age 8. I watched the child throw sand and twigs at other children, climb up the slide the wrong way, climb on the wooden pillars and jump off, and even kick sand in his brother’s face, all the while mother just watched them behave ridiculously. About 15 minutes later his mother called him back to the table to finish his dinner and he threw a fit. Soon his older brother pulled him back to the table where he refused to eat. “Shockingly”, the mother told him he didn’t have to eat his food and she took it home in a to-go box so that “if he got hungry later, he could eat it.” As mother waited for the check the boys fought over crayons screamed at each other then they finally left. Their economic status was about average. They didn’t seem like they struggled or...
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