Parent and Walnut Creek Pool

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Personal Narrative

One day it was a hot day in San Francisco so on August 15 my mom, brother, and dad decided that we should go to the Walnut creek pool. My favorite pool. But this time my mom suggested to bring a friend. So I called my friend Theo and we left by 12: 30.

By the time we got there we had started to change and eat lunch. After we ate me and Theo wanted to go off the diving board a couple of times. When Theo was up he broke a rule. He could not go off the diving board and twist in the air or you could slip. Then it was my turn. I asked the lifeguard if I could be able to flip. And she said yes. So I flipped and landed on my feet. After I went I was Laying down. I felt the heat on my skin, the people barbecuing the smell of ribs. I was thinking for a second that I could eat a second lunch.

Once I heard the bell that meant it was the fifteen minute rest break for people under 18 & except 3 year olds. Me and Theo just decided to take a short nap but Theo wanted to play paddle ball. My brother insisted but then Theo wanted to lay down just to avoid playing with Ruben.

After the bell the time was 1:30pm. After getting hot I jumped into the pool again. And so did Theo. I asked my dad if he wanted to join us but he would rather take a nap. My mom was reading and my brother Ruben was just sitting since Theo wouldn't play. So Me and Theo went a couple more times. And he broke about 3 more rules. Don't run, don't double jump and don't go flat off. After that he went running two more times and he got us kicked off the diving board for an hour. That was the only thing that you could not get bored on but dizzy. And an hour was when we were to leave.So we left after my parents did laps and will not go to my Favorite pool with Theo allot. My parents learned that if we take Theo he will brake rules that could get us in trouble.

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