Parent and Family Involvement in Education

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How I will Encourage Parent and Family Involvement in Education

How I will Encourage Parent and Family Involvement in Education
Parent and family involvement is extremely important in education, especially early childhood education. I believe it is crucial that we encourage parents and families to understand how important their roles are in their child’s education. I would teach parents and families what they can do to make the early childhood education school system better through: community involvement; volunteerism at the school and in the child’s classroom; their support at home in guiding their children in homework and projects by using various techniques to help them further understand what is being taught in class; advocacy for our school system; and open communication.

I feel it is my number one responsibility to the parents that I give them the knowledge, skills, and support needed at home (Morrison, 2009) to help them understand how the school system works and why their participation in their children’s learning is so important. Before classes even begin, I can start mailing out letters to the parents (even though I use the word “parents” throughout this paper, this includes all caregivers, because I realize that some children live with one parent, foster parents, grandparents, or other family members) listing the school’s guidelines and programs. This way, they will know and feel a part of what the school and their children are doing. I could encourage them in the letter to explore different avenues of helping their children learn, like taking workshops or adult education classes (2009) that are offered through the school education system. I can share with them ways that they can help in the classroom or tell them about parent-teacher organizations (PTO), where parents can learn school agenda and share their educational viewpoints with other parents and school faculty. When parents bring their children to meet me as their new teacher...

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