Pardoner's Tale

Topics: Gender, Woman, Feminism, Gender role, Female, Human rights / Pages: 4 (971 words) / Published: Oct 31st, 2015
Geoffrey Chaucer was the man who wrote “The Canterbury Tales” and one of his most famous stories is the “Pardoner’s Tale”. “Each historical study of The Canterbury Tales has necessarily nibbled off one on aspect of history, finding in medieval thought a dominant idea, technique, pattern, or style which may be discovered in the poem” (Howard 4). Giving context clues on Chaucer gives small examples of what it was like living during the Medieval Times. Each story was given a message is meant to change the audience’s mind. Greed can ruin a strong relationship between anyone no matter what the circumstances were between them. Hillary Clinton’s speech “Remarks to the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women Plenary Session” was about how women …show more content…
Rhetoric was used in the speech of Hillary Clinton at the U.N. meeting for Women’s rights, and story “The Pardoner’s Tale” such as rhetorical elements causing the audience at the meeting for the women’s rights, and the men around the campfire to change …show more content…
And then Death went his way without a word. He killed a thousand in the present plague, and, sir it doesn’t do to be too vague if you should meet him; you had be wary. Be on your guard with such and adversary, Be primed to meet him everywhere you go, that’s what my mother said. It’s all I know”. (Chaucer, 169) This rhetorical element would be considered symbolism, for it symbolizes death itself and how he’s a person but in reality death is not a person but it’s a force that takes away the life of a person. The use of symbolism is subtle but easy to see in the “Pardoner’s Tale”. In Hillary Clinton’s speech she uses women as her symbolism. “The great challenge of this conference is to give voice to women everywhere whose experience go unnoticed, whose words are unheard”. (Clinton, 2) Women need a voice in this world because they experience things that go unnoticed that should be noticed but isn’t. It’s time that their voice be heard and take action in improving the lives of

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