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IGCSE English Language Exam

Study Guide

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IGCSE English Language Exam Study Guide

IGCSE English Language Exam Study Guide2
1Unit Information3
1.1Course Details3
3Work Expectations4
4How to Answer the Comprehension Questions5
4.1“How Does the Writer…”?6
5How to do the Writing Tasks7
6How to Prepare for the Exam9
7Sample Study Questions for Anthology Section A10
7.1Practice Paper Based on “Explorers, or Boys Messing About?” (CCM)12 7.2Practice Paper Based on “I Never Thought I could be this Lucky” (JAG)13 7.3Practice Paper Based on “Chinese Cinderella” (GCN)14 7.4Practice Paper Based on “Harriet Tubman” (DEC)15

7.5Practice Paper Based on “A Foreign Field” (RAP)16 7.6Practice Section B Paper Based on “Touching the Void” (JJB)17 8IGCSE English Language Exam: Practice Papers18
8.1IGCSE English Language Exam Specimen Paper 119
8.2GCSE English Language Exam: Specimen Paper 1 Candidate Responses and Marker’s Comments26 8.3IGCSE English Language Exam: Specimen Paper 234
8.4IGCSE English Language Exam: May 200541
8.5IGCSE English Language Exam: November 200547
Oundle School IGCSE: Mock Anthology for English*53
*With thanks to the Oundle School English Department

1. Unit Information

1. Course Details

Course:Edexcel IGCSE English Language (4355)
Unit:Paper 2H

1. Material to be Covered

There are 3 distinct sections of the exam to be prepared.
• Unseen Passages for comprehension
• Anthology Section A
• Writing in different forms, for different audiences and for various purposes

2. Stages of Study and Assessment

Main Preparation:Block I: Michaelmas, Lent and Summer Terms Mock Exam:Block I: Week 5 of Lent Term

Real Exam:Block I: GCSE Exams in Summer Term

3. Exam Specifications

|Written examination: Paper 2H (Higher Tier) (70%) 60 marks 2 hours | |This paper will assess 70% of the total English Language mark and will assess Reading (35%) and Writing (35%). | | | |There will be three sections on the paper. Candidates are advised to allocate equal time to each section of the paper. | | | |Section A. There will be questions on an unprepared non-fiction reading passage printed on the examination paper. Questions | |will require understanding and evaluation of how writers use linguistic and structural devices to achieve effects. Candidates | |answer all questions in this section. (20 marks for Reading) | | | |Section B. This section will be in two parts. Candidates answer both parts. | | | |Part 1 will test understanding of a passage from Section A of the London Examinations Anthology. There will be one question, | |which will test the candidate’s ability to develop interpretations of the text, supported by reference to the text. (10 marks | |for Reading) | | | |Part 2 will be a...
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