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I’ve finally had a conversation with three very interesting people and we talked about what are their long terms or short term goals. The conversations we had we’re very interesting and now I will take this time to explain this to you as best as I can.

Well the first person I had a talk with is a person that works within my squadron. I know we are not supposed to state names so let’s call him Mr. Illinois. I asked Mr. Illinois what are his goals and the first thing that came out of his mouth was that he didn’t have any due to the fact that he was almost fifty years old and his life was over. Well I kept my mouth shut and began to listen intently because I didn’t want him to know that I’m fifty one years old and I’m working on a homework assignment(Holy underachiever Batman!!!). Well when we finally got serious he said that he wanted to be financially secure due to the economic backlash of the housing market. Well I had to paraphrase what he stated and then I said is it your intent to make more money to overcome the financial setback as a result of the housing market crashing? He agreed with my paraphrasing and he stated that his short term goal is to purchase six to ten more homes this year that would tie into his long term goals. I stated that if you can accomplish that then you would be able to flip the houses to get out of debt or dig yourself a deeper hole? Once again he agreed with my paraphrasing and I walked away with a clear cut understanding of the content of his words.

The second person I had a sit down with was with a person that I will simply call Ms. Lady. Ms. Lady stated that her goal was to go back to school to take up computers. I stated in my paraphrasing Billy Dee Williams voice do you want to go back to school so that you can learn more about computers? She stated that I was absolutely right. I also stated that if she accomplishes her goal then she can have a better understanding of computers and be...
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