Paranormal Activity

Topics: Parapsychology, Paranormal, Psychic Pages: 41 (14239 words) Published: September 28, 2011
STI College Dasmariñas

A Research Paper entitled

Comparison between Parapsychology and Paranormal Phenomenon

In partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the
Subject of General Psychology
(School year 2011-2012)


Submitted to:

September 2011

What is Parapsychology? 1
Why is Parapsychology Important? 1
Current Evidence for Parapsychology 2
Parapsychological Activities 3
Ganzfeld 3
Remote Viewing 5
Psychokinesis on Random Number Generators 6
Direct Mental Interactions with Living System 7
Near Death Experiences 8
Reincarnation 9
Jaime Licauco, a Philippine Parapsychologist11
Early Life and Education11
Management Experience11
Paranormal Work12
Private Life15
Some Articles of Jaime Licauco16
Reading the Soul of Things16
She Lives with Supernatural18
What really are Soulmate?20
How reliable is Hypnotic Regression?22
When does the Soul Enter the Body?24
What is Paranormal?26
The Paranormal: Fact or Fiction?26
Paranormal Subjects31
Ghosts and other Spiritual Entities31
Extraterrestrial Life and UFOs32
Famous Cryptids33
Lesser Known Cryptids35
Psychic Ability: Is it Real? What does it Mean?37
Ghosts and Hauntings40
Do Ghosts Exist?40
What are Ghosts?41
Do Ghosts Haunt People or Places?42
What to do if you See a Ghost42

This study was dedicated to the people who experienced something strange and even more interested in parapsychology and paranormal phenomenon. To those people who are still confused and curious about the strange things in the world which although science cannot explain, this study was dedicated to you. To the people who are watching and curious of Chris Angel’s Mind Freak, this study can help you better explain the magic behind it. To the people who experienced being remembered, touched, and talked by ghosts and were happened to saw them, this study can help you to know related stories of your experiences. To the people who wants to know the differences between parapsychology and paranormal, this study would help you better know each of these. To the people who loves extra-ordinary material to read and to study on, this study was definitely dedicated to you.


The researchers would like to express their heartfelt thanks and profound gratitude for those who contributed to make this study successful. To Mr. Noel L. Lacuesta for being a supportive instructor while conducting the said research paper, for keeping as delightful and determined to accomplished the project. To STI Library for the availability of the computer units and other materials needed especially the books, magazines and newspapers wherein some related information to our study have been cited. To our friends and classmates for giving pieces of advice and support all throughout and keeping the day so brighter even we almost see darkness during the days of accomplishing this research paper. To our parents for their financial support and serve us an inspiration in our studies for making this study possible. Above all to our Almighty God for His enlightenment, spiritual guidance and blessing knowledge that made us feel strong for making this project achievable.


The existences of strange things in the world were really confusing and yet to be unexplained each and every detail of them. Some of these were really unbelievable and others thought these were evil and the people behind those were...

Bibliography: Ascent of the Blessed by Hieronymus Bosch (after 1490) depicts a tunnel of light and spiritual figures similar to those reported by near-death experiencers.
* Early life and education
Licauco was born in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines, on July 25, 1940
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