Topics: Anger, Resentment Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: October 20, 2014
In both A Seperate Peace and “A Poison
Tree”, the authors explore how anger can change
the way a person deals with a situation. Both
Authors claim that Anger can seek into you and
change how you act as a person. Many people deal
with their anger by holding grudges against
people to cope. Passage one shows how the
narrator let his grudge toward his foe grow
until the problem was unfixable. In the passage
“i was angry with my friend:/i told my wrath, my
wrath did end:/ I was angry with my foe:/ I told
it not, my wrath did grow. This supports the
controlling idea because the narrator did not
express his resentment towards his foe and his
wrath became more powerful and worsened. In the
passage “In the morning glad i see;/ My foe
outstretched beneath the tree. This supports the
controlling idea because its showing how the
narator was joyous over the fact that his foe
was dead underneith a tree that symbolizes
growth. This supports the controlling idea
because he let his anger get the best of him and
made his forget that enemies dont deserve wrath.
For example in A Seperate Peace, Genes jelousy
and resenment to finny is very strong that he
even attempted to hurt finny. “you see, kill
me,now you know what it is! i did it because i
felt like that, now you go yourself”. The second
passage shows how genes wrath made his friend or
in his eyes,his foe, fall out of a tree
intentinally and instead of confronting finny
about his anger towards him, he let the wrath
grow and grow untill finny got hurt. For
example “This time he wasn't going to get away
with it. I could feel myself becoming
unexpectedly excited at that”. This supports the
controlling idea because its showing how genes
reaction to finnys failure is showing his
happiness that he didnt win for the first time
and his anger and jelousy were showing. Although
the two authors used two diffrent forms of
expression, both are able to effectively convey
how anger is a coping...
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