Paradox Essay

Topics: Paradox, Contradiction, Time travel Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Paradox Essay
One of the generalities about men is that we are distasteful, discontented, disdainful people. We spend days searching for our successes, and are never satisfied with those we chose to achieve. We are stricken with dissatisfaction when we do not have a girlfriend, and stricken with distraught when we have to deal with one. We are driven to sexual intercourse but we refuse to take care of a child. We try to appear the smartest to our friends, yet we brag about the dumbest things that we do. We are displeased at being less athletic than other people, and are discontented when we work to the top. For the most part, we are unhappy people. Even in times when we are in a good mood, we are working to achieve some goal that we believe will make us happier. Through sadness, success, serenity, superficial sorrow, and surrendering, men shall always stay unhappy.

In result, we are constantly in an innate state of great confusion. We feel that the way other men act is stupid, rash, unjust, shallow, and disdainful, and yet, we act the same way to our friends. We see ourselves as gentle, polite, eloquent men when we seldom say thank you or perform any caring notion towards someone. We see strength as one of our attributes yet when something heavy needs moving, we use machines and technology to get the job done. We believe that hard work is the best way to get a job done, yet when a job comes, we hire people to do it for us. We believe in self-sufficiency and in independence when grocery stores are the only way we get food and big corporations run the whole country. Men are weak, yet not afraid to fight for money. Men are worthless, yet without them, this world would be none. Men are trustworthy, yet able to backstab their friends. Men are wise, yet make the dumbest decisions. Men dream of fame, of family, of fortune, of freedom, of fitness, and of fraternity. Yet men are never satisfied with it. Serenity, true serenity, does not dwell in a man. This is why we...
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