Paradise Lost, Satan

Topics: Devil, Paradise Lost, Hell Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: March 5, 2005
Power due allowance
The story starts when Satan, the once radiant Lucifer, and his angels lay in a formless, sulphurous lake of fire having just been driven out of Heaven. Their fall had sent them plummeting through space from their heavenly home down to Hell, leaving them beaten senseless. After lying unconscious for nine days, Satan and his demons begin to rouse themselves. Accustomed to living in heavenly glory, they find their new home horrifying, and convened a council to determine how they might escape Hell and recover at least some of their former glory. Throughout hard situations, and his actions, Satan shows many great traits that any leader would show. Although his power is overpowered with God, Satan does not give up at any point, never giving up. It is clear that Satan's heroic traits show a leader of great power yet at the same time, his vulnerability to God shows God's allowance for Satan to have confidence and power, yet never enough to defeat God. The first way Satan proves to be the leader of the worst is through giving encourage and attention to the ones in a lower position than him. When all the bad angles get kicked out and thrown in hell, all of the angels and Beelzebub look disgusting compared to what they looked when being in heaven. Although they all complain, Satan encourages them saying that "all is not lost," and that "study of revenge, immortal hate/ and courage never to submit or yield" (I.106-8) what this shows is that Satan always tries to make the rest feel better, knowing that by making them feel better, he will have them in his side. Through his encourage and attention to the rest he brings himself up, resulting a gain of confidence in himself. Also, when all angels are punished and set in hell, Satan says that "though in pain, /vaunting aloud, but racked with deep despair." (I.125-7) What this shows is that although even the worst and scariest, Satan, is feeling despair, yet he is bragging and ignoring the pain. The reason why...
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