Paradise Lost, Original Sin

Topics: Adam and Eve, Paradise Lost, Garden of Eden Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The Real Original Sin

When John Milton wrote the epic poem Paradise Lost, his vision about how the books would effect peoples lives, even to this day could not be for seen. Since these books follow the same story about the first man and women most people know the basic concept already. Milton’s story, like most other epics starts in medias res, right after Satan’s failed attack to take over heaven. With God’s knowledge of Adam and Eve’s inevitable failure questions the idea of why sin had to be introduced through deception. The theme of sin was introduced by Satan in the Garden of Eden and still lingers in the world we live in. In today’s world religion is one of the biggest parts of any culture. It is the basis of what many still believe in today. With Christianity reaching almost every corner of the world, the story of original sin is known well. This gives Milton a solid base to interpret what was happening in the background from the original story in the Bible. This gives the audience the ability to hear angels as well as Satan. The reader now can have a sense of how dynamic the inter workings of the devils plan to trick Eve into eating the apple. His sense of speech even to this day can lure in those who are most profoundly religious. With very long and persuasive speeches he was able to over come Eve’s better judgment to eat the apple, “Greedily she engorged without restraint/And knew not eating death” (9:ll: 791-792). This is a tactic still used by many politicians in the sense of they will say what people want to hear to get your vote, Satan tells Eve that she will know everything God does if she eats from the tree of knowledge. What Eve does not know is that she will also have the knowledge of sin. Satan’s use of lies prompts her to forget, “The proof of their obedience and their faith” is what keeps them in Gods good graces and in the garden (4:ll: 520). Even though Eve resists Satan’s urges at first when he is disguised as a serpent, she is...
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