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Define what a parable is:
A parable is a simple story which is designed to illustrate or teach some truth, a moral lesson, or a spiritual lesson to the reader. A parable is told by Jesus in the Gospels. The word "parable" comes from the Greek word "parabolē" which means comparison, illustration, or analogy. The Greek used the word "parabolē" at first to describe any fictive illustration which was in the form of a brief narrative. Later the Greeks changed the definition of the word "parabolē" to mean a fictitious narrative, which was generally referred to something that might naturally occur that would cause spiritual and moral matters to be percieved by the reader. Jesus' parables often tell about the kingdom of God and the nature of God. Parables were Jesus' way of teaching controversial ideas without landing himself in trouble with the Religious Leaders. What are three types of parables and examples for each:

Explain what it means to say that parables are subversive devices: Parables allowed Jesus to teach controversial ideas without getting himself in trouble with Religious Leaders in that period of time. Jesus used parables to illustrate his points, it was a good way for him to be able to say things (without actually saying them) that possibly could have landed him in trouble with the Religious Leaders. Enemies of Jesus were always watching for something they could use against him. By speaking in parables, Jesus made it difficult for them to accuse him of saying something that he wasn't allowed to, as parables were hard to comprehend, and he couldn't be arrested for telling good stories. Subversive means to subvert, overthrow, or destroy an established government, institution, or belief. So, I think that to say parables are subversive devices is to say that a parable is a device (illustration/story) which allowed Jesus to state and express his point whilst going against the beliefs of the Religious Leaders and society (of/at that time) without...
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