Parable of the Sadhu

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Journal Article Review #1: “Parable of the Sadhu”
Anh Nguyen
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Journal Article Review #1: “Parable of the Sadhu”
This article review will contain a summary of the article, a listing of three discussion questions, and a response to each of the discussion questions. Article Summary
Many years ago, the author and his friend joined in a climber group in which climbers came from different places in the world, gathering together to Nepal to walking through hundreds of village in Himalaya and climbing thousands of vertical feet. His group included a local leader Pasang, his friend Stephen, four New Zealand, two Swiss couples, and another Japanese hiking club. They started their journey in early morning before the ice melted by the sun. Some of them were affected a light sickness due to the weather but they still kept going. Just after the daybreak, one of the New Zealanders came toward the author group who went behind and carried an Indian holy man, a sadhu, on his back. The man was nearly naked with bare foot and was shivering due to coldness. The New Zealander put him down and lest saying that he had done what he was supposed to do and it is the others’ turn to help this poor guy. The author checked the body to find out that the man was still alive while his friend Stephen and the Swiss gave him clothes and shoes to warm up. Spotting that the Japanese group was coming with horse, the author left the man and his group behind afraid of the harsh weather at the slope and wanted to get over the pass. At the resting area, the Swiss caught up with him and they told him the sadhu was settled fine now. At the summit, everybody in the group finally met up. Until then, the author realized how difficult situation it was after he left. The Swiss lest soon after the author; the Japanese refused to help the sadhu; Pasang is resistant to let a group of their porters carry the sadhu down to the village for better treatment and come back join the trip....

References: McCoy, B.H. (1983). The parable of the sadhu. Harvard Business Review, 103-108
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