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Chemicals play a major role in our life. They are used for various purposes for example: construction, cooking, cleaning and preservation. We are all surrounded by many different kinds of chemicals. They have positive or negative effect on us. Some are very famous for there negative effects while others are not but still they gradually affect us. One of the silently affecting types of chemical is Paraben. Paraben are chemicals used as preservatives in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products. It has been used since 1920s and has been accepted because of their effectiveness and its cheap cost. However, recent research has challenged this view. As they show that parabens can bind to estrogen receptor and can have endocrine-disrupting actions. In this small period of time some actions has been taken against the use of parabens but still it is widely used.

Structure of Paraben
Parabens have simple chemical structure. They are made up of a 6-member carbon ring with a hydroxyl group (-OH) on one side of the ring and a hydrocarbon group on the other side.

Research So far!
Parabens work within a formula to prevent the growth of multiple possible pollutants such as bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi. The 2003 report of US Environmental Protection Agency reported that paraben can copy one body’s own hormone and can have endocrine-disrupting actions. More than 12 researches also show that paraben can have estrogenic activities on animals (rats) and human tissues. A recent research at the University Of Reading, United Kingdom, by Dr Philippa Darbre and colleagues traced high concentration of Paraben in 19 out of the 20 human breast tumors. They found methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyol and benzyl parabens in the sample. While there is no certain evidence of paraben causing cancer, scientists conclude to review the use of paraben. Though, they are certain that paraben are associated with the overall rise in breast cancer cases. How can...

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