Para Banking (Saving Schemes)

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Government Engineering College,

“Para banking (Saving Schemes)”

Sahara India Pariwar’s Sahara Bank of India,
Khanpur (2228)

Submitted to
Hitesh Sharma (Lecturer Dept. of management studies)

Submitted By
Renu Rathore
Roll No.

(BBA PART FIRST 2008-2009)


I, Miss Renu

Hereby declare that this project report is the record of authentic work carried out by me during the period of 2 Months and has not been submitted to any other University or Institute for the award of any degree/ diploma etc.


Name of the student:



This is serve gratitude to all those people without whom this PROJECT would have never seen the light of day.

An endeavour is difficult to even initiate without the help of many souls who are always there by the grace of God. Researcher project is a result of help provided by many people.

First of all I acknowledge our sincere gratitude and indebtedness to Mr. Nand Kishore Chittora Manager of Sahara Bank, Khanpur, for giving us invaluable opportunity to make this project report on and there after providing me constant guidance.

I also want acknowledge how much I have learn from working with my colleagues who provide me with the time support and inspiration needed to prepare this project. I would also like to thank all the members of security equipment division who spent their valuable time to cooperate with me.

Last but not the least; Researcher would also like to express his sincere thanks to other colleagues and trainees at Sahara bank, Khanpur. Who provided me with the necessary congenial atmosphere for the timely completion of his project and for the encouragement and support throughout the course of training.

Finally I would like to thank the August Person Mr.Hitesh Sharma, Lecturer, Department of management studies. It is my foremost duty to express my deep sense of Grattitude.

Thanking You !

Khanpur Yours sincerely,

Date- / / 2009 Priyanka Soni


I want to express my experience and practical knowledge that I gained during the training at Sahara Bank, Khnapur. It was my first experience when I went to the market not to buy any thing but to do the survey and to promote the Investment Plans and Para Banking Schemes in the market.

The basic need of these Schemes is to ensure about the policies and the strategies in the market. On first day I was nervous, but because of the good image of the Sahara India the market the people attended us positively. Many people came themselves to us for knowing the details about the product.

For accomplishment of the project report I daily think about the conditions and views and then I used to compose the whole thing on computer. In making the project report theoretical knowledge was needed more than the practical which was given to us by my professors in our institutes. In the market the experience relating to the practical knowledge was very good which realized us about the real conditions of the marketing.

The project flows logically consisting of market research, data collection method and questionnaire. It hoped that the findings and the suggestions will help the company, confidently to formulate its strategy in comparison to its competitors.

Lastly I am giving thanks to Mr. N.K.Chittora and Mr. Mahendra Gautam, who gave me their precious time to make project successful.

Thanking You,

Khanpur Yours sincerely,

Date- / / 2009...
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