Topics: Management, Leadership, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Clawson, James G. 2003 VDOT: Trying to Keep Virginia Moving. Darden Business Publishing Retrieved on July 13, 2010 from: McNamara, C. (n.d.). What is Organization Development? Free Management Library. Retrieved July 14, 2010, from Starker, D. (n.d.). Situational Leadership. University of Notre Dame. Retrieved July 14, 2010, from Very Brief History of Management Theories. (n.d.). Free Management Library. Retrieved July 14, 2010, from

VDOT: Trying to Keep Virginia Moving. (n.d.). Darden Media. Retrieved July 15, 2010, from resources/bulletin_2006SeptOct.pdf
Darden business publishing; UVA –OB-0846

One would need to consider financial options such as layoffs with VDOT and which employees were offered a buyout. There may need to be spending cuts where there is not enough money to do or finish these projects. Faced with expected 2.6 billion dollar reduction state transportation revenue during the next six years the VDOT also has recommended that: Closing more than half of the state’s 41 highways rest stops, reducing the operating hours of its ferries and, slashing spending by up to half for the safety service patrol, cutting roadside mowing almost in half, lowering standards for keeping drainage ditches clear and picking up litter, and finally closing local residency offices and equipment shops statewide. Shucet definitely had his work cut out for him. Reluctant at first, but eventually seeing the possibilities and the opportunities he was able to make, he accepted the job and set his plan in motion. Drawing on his considerable experience in both the public and private sectors, Phillip was able to identify some major issues he observed at VDOT. He recognized...
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