Paperless Hospital Service

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The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template

Note: Already filled information should not be changed

| |Name of the Project |Paperless Hospital Service (Healthcare domain) | | |Objective/ Vision |Objective of this project is to leverage paperless hospital service where patient need not do any paper-work | | | |while getting admitted to the hospital by providing seamless application that will handle the thousands of | | | |patient information and provide efficient healthcare service. It is to align with SMART PLANET theme of IBM. | | |Users of the System |Patient/Relative | | | |Admitting Clerk | | | |Department Admin | | | |Doctor/Nurse | | | |Billing Department | | | |Healthcare Insurance Providers (External Actor) | | |Functional Requirements |Patient will go to hospital and get admitted by giving their information to the Admitting Clerk. If Patient is | | |(Atleast Eight) |in serious state, relative will help in giving information about the patient to the Admitting Clerk. | | | |If the incoming patient is New, then Admitting Clerk will create a new record in Web Portal and store the | | | |patient information by collecting all necessary details and also about health history. And will provide Patient | | | |ID which will be sent via sms to patient’s mobile number. | | | |Admitting Clerk will assign the In-coming Patient Record to the Department Admin and direct the Patient to meet | | | |the Department Admin. | | | |Department Admin will assign the Patient to the respective Department like ENT, ICU, Surgery, etc and also will | | | |assign Doctors/Nurses who will be responsible to treat the Patient | | | |Doctor will get patient information by querying on Patient ID and will conduct series of tests and will update | | | |their test report along with comments in the Application | | | |Billing Department will calculate the expense and will be responsible to verify if Patient has Insurance Policy,| | | |if so then they will open a secure session to charge the cost to Insurance providers. | | |...
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