Paper Towel Science Project

Topics: Paper towel, Towel, Absorption Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: April 8, 2012
Does Price Indicate How Absorbent Paper Towels Are?

Problem statement:
The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the price of paper towels reflects the absorbency of the paper towels. Relevance:
I became interested in this idea while trying to save money on my grocery bill. If the cheaper paper towels work just as well or better, I can save money by purchasing them. The information gained from this experiment can help consumers get the best absorbency for the lowest price. Literature Review:

While doing research on how to best design my paper towel experiment, I came across two other experiments that were relevant to mine. The first was a diaper absorbency experiment conducted by Vanessa W. in 1999 to determine which brand of diaper was the most absorbent. She used the same concept I will be using in my experiment by using water to test absorbency and measuring the amount of water left after each test. The second was a paper towel absorbency experiment conducted by Samantha P. in 2000. This experiment is very similar to the one I will be conducting, except she used a different measuring tool and method than I will be.

Experimental Design:
I will use 20 paper towels (4 different brands, 5 of each brand) folded in half four times each, 4 identical measuring cups that measure up to 150 ml. (one for each brand of paper towel), 1 timer, 1 notepad, 1pencil, and room temperature water. 1. First gather all of the materials that you need.

2. Then pour 120 milliliters of water into the measuring cup you are using. 3. Fold one of the first brand of paper towels in half four times. 4. Place the paper towel in the measuring cup.

5. Time for 15 seconds.
6. After 15 seconds, take the paper towel out of the measuring cup. 7. Hold over measuring cup until paper towel stops dripping. 8. Record how much water is left in the measuring cup.
9. Take the amount of water left in measuring cup and subtract that from 120...
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