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Topics: Marketing, Dental floss, Toothbrush Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: February 18, 2013
1.What factors determine demand for toothbrushes? How can demand be increased? Factors determining demand for toothbrushes are:
Amount of disposable income/income.
Oral hygiene awareness. (c)
Accessibility to quality toothbrushes- Distribution.
(d) Frequency of brushing the teeth.
(e) Competitor’sproducts (toothbrush in thiscase).
(f)Advertisements, Promotional expenditure.
Few of the above factors are influenced by economical and social environment. Factor (a) is economical innature and factors (b),(d) and (f) are influenced by social factors.Marketers have control on few of the factors mentioned above such as oral hygiene awareness, distributionand advertisement and promotion of the toothbrushes.Factors (b), (d), (f) can be influenced by marketing programs.Cottle can develop primary market in rural areas for toothbrushes by promoting low end toothbrushes topeople who do not brush , medium range toothbrushes to the people currently using low level brushes andfinally for primary market in urban area battery operated toothbrushes should be promoted

a) What factors determine the demand for toothbrushes?
As we read through the case we find there are various factors that influence the demand for toothbrushes which is affected by both social and economical factors. These factors are:

* Affordability: The economic conditions that prevail in the markets, this focuses on the amount of disposable income and the income of the consumers and can they even afford to buy a toothbrush or not, so affordability is one of the major factors of demand, as it has been mentioned in the case that even in this new era people are yet using the traditional ways of cleaning their teeth. * Oral hygiene Awareness: Though affordability does play an important role in determining the demand, but it also depends on the level of understanding and awareness the consumers have about the importance of oral hygiene and how to what are the key differences between good and...
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