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Topics: Psychology, Learning, Education Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Early Childhood Disposition Essay

As I reflect on my traits it was difficult for me to select on three for strengths and weaknesses. My three strongest traits are caring about others, effective communicator, and teaching and learning. These traits are important to have in the education field especially in early childhood. Caring is important because it feeds our emotional stability when we are stabilized emotionally you feel that you have enough support and a reason to learn and develop. Being an effective communicator in early childhood is critical communicating with the parents of the children creates a team building relationship which is beneficial to the child’s development. My strongest trait is teaching and learning, I feel that it is critical to be a great learner to be an effective teacher. My three traits that I selected for my weakest traits are being disciplined about my studies, self confidence in my ability, and being tidy. My plan to strengthen these traits are to organize time where I can sit down and focus on my studies and plans for each day so that I am prepared not just emotionally but mentally as well as physically. I will make sure I have the necessary materials and resources for my day so that I don’t have to wrestle through drawers and cabinets as the kids are waiting for the project or assignment to begin. My self-confidence will build over time as I continue to stay better organized and prepare in advance. I will also focus on my abilities that I have obtained and be grateful for the growth I will endure.
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