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Topics: Apple Inc., MacBook Pro, Apple Store Pages: 3 (1232 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Name: Alejandra Carrillo
Date: November 28th 2012
Class Period: Period 4th

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Title of Article: What is the Fiscal Cliff?
Author: Thomas Kenny
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Article| 5 W's and H/ Reaction and Opinion | Guide questions| Title:What is the Fiscal Cliff?| Who? What? Where? When? How? | How much do they cost?Do they come in Colors?| 1st paragraph| Who? The iPad miniWhat? The iPad is not as flawless as everyone thought. It cant be fixed is you do it yourself. It separates itself from all the other Apple products. But in contrast it does keep the same design pattern that Apple has been doing. But now the iPad mini is extremely difficult than the other Apple products.| What are some factors that don’t come with the iPad mini that the normal iPad have?| 2nd paragraphAlthough the Mini hit pre-order on Oct. 26, it won't reach retail until Friday, when previously-ordered tablets are also to be delivered to customers. iFixit, however, got its hands on an early delivery to a California developer who let the site take his apart."The iPad Mini continues Apple's repair-impeding practice of keeping iPads together with copious amounts of adhesive," the iFixit guide stated.Wiens chimed in. "The screen is glued to the case. The battery is glued down. The logic board is really glued down. The headphone jack is glued in. The only good news is that the LCD is not fused to the front glass," he said.| What? The iPad mini has everything glued down such as: the screen, the battery, the logic board, the headphone jack. And for the author the only good thing about it is that the LCD is not fused to the front glass.| What is a LCD?Why did they tape everything to together?| 3rd paragraphWhen iFixit tore down Apple's 15-in. MacBook Pro with a Retina screen in June, Wiens called it "the least-repairable laptop we've taken apart," and gave it a "1," the lowest-possible score in his site's repairability ratings, largely...
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